Tower of Terror Part 1

I was in shackles in a dimly lit room. There was a clown. And my daughter. She was crying. My wife was next to me. Also in shackles. Then the clown approached a lever and pulled it. Shackles opened and I plummeted downwards a slide as ringed blades lacerated my sides leaving a trail of blood behind me. I stopped. I was at the base of a tower. My wife next to me. I got up. The door of the tower was nearby.

— Floor 1 —

I told my wife to stay at the door while I scout out the first floor. There was only a large, mostly empty room containing 3 large boxes and stairs going upward. One of the boxes was next to the staircase, other two were in the center. As I was about to open one of them, two statures all clad in black, sprang forth from the boxes in which they were lurking in. Both of them had spetums in their hands, their razor sharp edge gleaming with bloodthirst. I dodged the first strike by leaning backwards, but the second one made a shallow, clean cut just above my second left rib and the third slicing my right arm with the blade stopping at the bone of my forearm. Without a seconds delay both of them thrust their blades through my torso, one blade going trough my stomach, other pierced my lung on the left side of my body between my fifth and sixth rib. However, this gave me an opportunity to grab both of their weapons. Gripping the hilts, I backed away as fast as possible. One of them stumbled but the other one managed to hold on to his spetum. As I pulled out both blades, two streams of crimson came running down from the wounds. As my enemy was not even considering letting go of the blade at his end, I used the other spetum to disarm him. With a powerful swing I dismembered him, first his right hand at the palm, second his left arm at the shoulder, blood drenching the floor beneath him. My last strike took off his head, letting it fall in the puddle of blood on the ground. I could not rest yet as my second opponent was still standing there, ready to counter any strike. With all the strength in my right arm, I flung one of the spetums straight at him and as he dodged it, swung the blade in my hand in his direction. It sliced trough his left arm and stomach. He fell on the ground, his blood and guts spilling on the floor. Then I remembered the last box. It still remained closed. I threw the spetum at it. The blade went right trough. I called my wife. We headed to the staircase. As I passed the box, I saw a tiny trinkle of blood dripping from the fuller of the blade and a puddle expanding on the floor beneath the crate. We headed upwards.

— Floor 2 —

We went up the stairs. There was a large pit. It was full of syringes. I dropped on all fours. I told my wife to get on my back. With her on my back I started crawling over the pit. For the first two steps I managed to not get injured. On the third step a syringe broke and I scraped my right forearm on the broken glass. On the fourth step I punctured my left hand on a needle. On the fifth step my left leg was cut by some shards of broken glass. On the sixth step I again punctured my left hand, this time on a different needle. On the seventh step two needles stabbed my right foot. On the eight step I gashed my right knee on a broken syringe. On the ninth step, I tore my right hand on some needles. On the twelfth step as I put my weight on my left forearm the syringes beneath it shattered, leaving my forearm with multiple wounds. On the fifteenth step I cut my fingers on the needles. On the twenty-first step, multiple needles get lodged in my right leg. As I try to crawl forward the needles tear open a large wound. On the twenty-seventh step, I slightly lose balance and fall on my shoulder. My entire right arm and shoulder has needles and glass shards sticking out of it. I get back up. On the thirty-third step, I scratch my left leg on a multitude of needles. On the forty-second step, I lose focus and smash my forehead against some glass. Some blood runs over my left eye. On the forty-fifth step, six needles puncture my left forearm. On the forty-seventh step, I have reached the ladder. I tell my wife to go first. I follow her.

— Floor 3 —

The third floor was a narrow hallway. There were piles of snakes on both sides. I slowly advanced not wanting to agitate the snakes. After a few steps a rattlesnake started to rattle its tail. I kept going despite this warning. The rattlesnake leapt in an attack and bit my left forearm, its fangs piercing my skin. I caught it and rang its neck, however, the venom had already entered my body. I ripped off the sleeve of my shirt and tied down my arm to stop the venom from spreading. But as I was trying to do this, a long python started curling around my leg. I started punching it furiously. At first it tried to tighten its stranglehold on my leg but after a series of punches it yielded. After it had slithered away I saw that all this commotion had attracted some other snakes towards me. Seeing this I made a break for the ladders at the opposite side of the room. While running a cobra spewed some poison at me and a black mamba leaping at me. I barely dodged the mamba, but the venomous cloud got in one of my eyes, blinding it. When we got to the ladder my wife climbed up first with myself in tow.

— Floor 4 —

Next room was dark. Passage to the next floor was shining brightly. Silver threads glistened in the light. I felt a light touch on my left leg. A second later I felt tiny legs skirmishing upwards my leg. I immediately smashed the crawler which had made its way up and currently sitting on my thigh. This made a loud sound which interrupted the silence in the room and it was followed by a short scream of mine. The creature on my thigh had stung me, causing sharp, intense pain. Yet I had no time to focus on the pain any longer as my scream had ended the ominous silence and replaced it with a quiet rustling quickly increasing. In the dim light, we had I could see an expanding blackness covering the floor. A large spider leapt at me but I managed to knock it away with my right arm. I knew we could wait no longer and told my wife to run. I rushed forward through the sheets of white silk, it getting stuck all over my torso, the blackness beneath my feet producing a squishy crunching sound as I stepped on it. Regrettably, the dark mass of tiny arachnids not crushed by my hasty steps started their way up my legs. Not stopping for a moment I tried to shake of as many of the tiny terrors as I could but they continued their way upward. As the moments passed I felt their slight but dreading touch on more and more of my skin. With ten meters remaining the creepy crawlies had reached my stomach despite my erratic efforts and I could feel their combined weight slowing me down. With five meters remaining the blackness had covered my entire body from the neck down and had weighed me down enough for me to be only able to continue at a walking pace. Two meters from the ladders I was entirely covered in spiders and continued onwards despite the large weight on my shoulders, constant feeling of violation and obstruction of my vision. I waved my hands around for a while until finally, I felt the ladder and gruellingly started my way upward into the darkness.