A Precious Gift

So recently my friend got back from a trip to Venice. She was there for a couple of days and absolutely loved it! (Or at least that’s what she told me.) When I met her she had gotten me a souvenir from there. First of all, I wasn’t expecting anything so I already felt extremely happy, but when I actually saw what it was incredibly grateful. It was an absolutely gorgeous quill pen in my favourite colour – blue.

Some people might not get the hype about it, but for me, it’s something very special and precious. I’ve liked writing since I was small. I would write diaries and poetry, although it was never serious and I didn’t show it to anyone, it has been a part of me all this time. Since my friend knows that I’m quite creative she got the quill pen. It showed me how much she actually cares and knows about me.

Also, I have a thing for unusual and special. handcrafted things. So anything that you wouldn’t usually find in a supermarket I will probably like (if it’s something that I would use).

This also made me think about the little and unexpected things we do for other people. It really doesn’t take much to make someone happy. Even couple of nice words could make a huge difference in someone’s day. So be kind and appreciate the ones that are closest to you. Make each day special and make them smile about the small things!

 P.S. Sorry for my writing. I’m definitely not good at calligraphy.